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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Saha?

There’s no rocket science to answering this question. We are as natural as it gets when it comes to the spuds game, and just as one wishes to be as natural as possible with their dietary needs, one should also feel the same regarding their skin.

What is Natural Soap?

When we call our soap ‘natural’, what we mean is that all the ingredients we use to make it are natural.

What do we mean by natural?

Not made by humans! If it comes from or is extracted from a  plant, vegetable or mineral, it’s natural. 

Note: all our soaps are vegetarian and contain no animal by-products.

I have really sensitive skin, which products can you recommended for me?

We at Saha are aware that one soap bar may not work for all people. Some of us have sensitive, while others may have  more durable skin. It is with this in mind, that we diligently prepare our recipes. 

Our market feedback has been outstanding, and our tests have proven to benefit sensitive skin types.

Are your soaps vegan?

We can proudly say that most of our bars are ‘Vegan’ (with the exception of the ‘GREEN THING’ bar), every bar of luxurious oils are purely extracted from plants and are even at times mistaken for treats!

My bar is softer than usual

Our bars are hand crafted with the resources provided by nature. We are strongly against the use of chemical hardeners and other unnatural ingredients; therefore, it is essential that soap trays are used at all cost to ensure that your bar stays firm and healthy!

What do you recommend for washing my hair with?

Most hair types will not react so kindly to the harshness of the bar of soap due to its high level of PH. Those suffering from soft and sensitive scalps should abstain from using it on their hair and get through to our specialists with professional advice.

A shampoo bar is on it’s way so stay tuned!

Is there really a difference?

Most definitely yes! Store-bought soap is full of palm oil and chemical gunk, we’ve had some outstanding feedback from 99% of our customers. Just check out our social media reviews, and you’ll see the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers. 

Can i get a refund?

Due to the delicate nature of the soap and for hygienic purposes, we do not issue refund’s at this stage. 

We are happy to give out samples, be sure to contact us and we can help you choose between a range of soap treats. (Postal fees will be covered by the buyer).

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