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Our Story

Without being a cliché, and telling the old “rags to riches” line , I would have to say that our journey somewhat resembles that particular story. Our soap making journey began with a simple idea, and the spare room in my apartment. The idea of creating truly beneficial health and beauty products with that special touch from nature. So here we are now, still in our infancy, but with as much desire as ever to shine in the world of natural cosmetics.
Let’s continue on this wonderful path with nature

Our Approach

Natural Ingredients

Without giving you all an exposition and the expounding of our philosophy, we will keep it short….

Good quality ingredients mean great quality products!

100% Sustainability

We actively ​ support using recyclable material in packaging, and have designed  ours to be just that. All of our packaging is %100 recyclable.

Let’s save those trees people! 

No to Animal Testing

We never have, and never will practice-or condone the testing of products on animals.


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